Sunday, January 29, 2006

Myomancy - one interesting blog

I've just spent the last few hours perusing the Myomancy blog, which is quite interesting. I particularly enjoy the section in which "Franchised Dyslexia Treatments" are discussed and reviewed. Please give it a look - I'm convinced that you will become addicted to it.


Chris Tregenza said...

Thank you for your kind words Andrew.

Looking at the different treatments available for ADHD, dyslexia and Autism was the reason I set up the blog. Of all potential treatments I've covered this one sticks in my mind [ ]. I'm not going to give its name the oxygen of publicity but it involves sticking ballons up your nose and inflating them.

Andrew Livanis said...

Chris -

I don't think that you could have "written" comedy like that. There is an expression in Greek when faced with a bizarre situation: "You can choose to laugh or cry about it."

I bowled over laughing and almost knocked over my Wheaties this morning.....