Thursday, February 23, 2006

Eating disorders

An interesting article that I read about on several blogs such as Mind Hacks and World of Psychology regarding the generalized impression that we tended to have regarding eating disorders and the presence of a distorted body image.

These data suggest that the real problem in eating disorders is not a distorted body image but a lack of a distorted body image, that is, the lack of a self-serving body-image bias. In general, the article points out the fact that the non-eating disordered groups tended to have positive body image distortions while individuals with eating disorders tended to have appropriate evaluations of their bodies.

This makes some sense, as clinically, I have seen many students with eating disorders be overly critical about their bodies, an almost hypercritical eye towards visual details. An interesting idea might also be to have children who are positive for eating disorders evaluated to see if they possess preternatural elevated levels of Gv. My working clinical hypothesis (this hasn't been born out by research) is that many psychopathologies are actually extreme cognitive profiles.....Anyone biting?

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