Monday, March 19, 2007

Why is CHC Theory Not Accepted by Mainstream Media?

I was going through a few online things, and stumbled upon the about:psychology site. I checked the Theories of Intelligence page. This page (and site) is targeted to laypersons and is by no means a substitute for psychology training.

Curiously absent is CHC Theory. CHC (which stands for Cattell-Horn-Carroll theory after the three theorists which have helped to advance it) is a topic which I have not blogged about for a while, but I have actually had several discussions about why CHC as a theory of intelligence (or cognitive abilities) is not more widespread.

It is important to promote CHC Theory as it has demonstrated the most reliability and validity when compared to other intelligence theories. This is an important fact in the age of "evidence-based" practices. It also operates on an almost "open-source" model in which it is open to a vast amount of people who seem to research small tracts of the theory in order to add to the collective whole (by the way, this is actually the way that science needs to work).

For those of you who have attempted to read up on CHC theory, you will be the first to agree that there are few, if any primers on the theory. There are no websites with snippets of information on the theory, what it is all about, and how it might be applied.

Why not? Let me know.

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