Tuesday, March 27, 2007

NASP conference, day 1

Sorry about not being around for the last few days - I have been finishing up on my FBA project (more on that to come).

This morning I attending two conferences.

The first "Clarifying the Timing and Co-Occurance of Academic and Behvioral Problems" was an interesting set of studies generated by an NIMH grant. (Symposium 010). Most interesting was the causal relationship demonstrated in their path analyses between academic achievement in the 1st grade and depression in junior high school.

The second, was also interesting: "The Development of a System Intervention Program" by Chryse Haztichristou, Panayiota Dimitropoulou, Aikaterini Lampropoulou, and Konstantina Lykitsakou from the University of Athens. I was heartened to see school psychology at work in Greece, despite governmental incompetence. The prevention program they demonstrated was organic in nature as they drew from previous cultural patterns (e.g., the Olympics and fairy tales) and combined them with psychological principles to develop a great Greek intervention.

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